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I felt this speech went well overall, but as always there were things I could improve on.

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During my speech I can see that my voice is shaky and almost.I had another citation included in the speech, but missed it during the evaluation.The simplified version of the graph (where % diagnosed with diabetes was plotted versus time) was much better for conveying the increasing incidence.My introduction did a good job of summarizing all that I was going to be talking about in a succinct and clear manner.

For that speech I will not have to worry about sources or informing people about a subject.Before giving my presentation, I was very much at ease until I.I think that the side-to-side shift was done in a manner that kept me from looking rigid and stiff.I paused appropriately throughout the speech, especially at the points where I was enumerating items from a list.Speech Self-Critique:. and also a great example of the type of evaluation I discuss in the Speech.As the third, and what I would say is the hardest, speech is over, I feel like I have gained some confidence in my public speaking.

I did practice my speech more than before, which I said I wanted to do.

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I could have spent more time putting it up completely into a bun of sorts with bobby pins.During the speech I could feel myself slip and break concentration a couple times, but it did not get me flustered and distracted like it use to.Demonstration Speech Self Evaluation For my demonstration speech, I chose to teach the class how to prepare a fruit smoothie.That added a significant degree of continuity and cohesiveness to my speech.I offered a lot of supporting material in my speech from a variety of scholarly sources, which I believe helped to boost my credibility in the eyes of the audience.October 4, 2011 Informative Speech on The History of Commercial Beer Production.


At times, I lost the connection more than I would like, so that is something for me to work on in the future.I would like to see myself eliminate the shifting back and forth from right to left.

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Student was referred for a speech-language evaluation of his language communication skills. Speech or Language Impairment: a communication disorder,.

The following advice is offered by Sal Meyers, Director of Faculty Development, in an attempt to be helpful to faculty undergoing a.Before this presentation I did not have the usual uneasy feeling I normally have.

Self-Evaluation essaysI spent a great deal of time uncovering the most effective evidence to support my claim.I also believe that I simplified it enough to allow for everyone to understand what I was getting at, which is the whole point of a speech in the first place.

Title: Speech Self Evaluation Essay - Outsourcing Term Paper Subject: Medical testing on animals is immoral essay, essays on diwali the festival of lights, essays on.I came prepared to manage the overhead projector and transparency, which really helped to maintain fluidity in my speech.I think that alone is what gained my confidence in this speech.However, an image of someone suffering diabetes would have powerfully added to my pathos, as would have increasing the amount of eye contact I made with my audience.Overall, my projection was good especially considering I could still easily hear myself despite the audio on the recording device picking up some significant background interference.

I also practiced more with a timer, which helped with keeping my speech from running too long.While watching the recording of my informative speech, my overall impression of myself was extremely professional.

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Persuasive Speech Self-Evaluation Feelings Before my Presentation.At the point where I was discussing the physical complications (such as kidney failure), I used my own body to physically display the areas where diabetes affects your body the hardest.Doing the Formal Outline helped a lot with the research and overall organization for the Informative speech.