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Journalism vocabulary terms. flag. ear. headline. banner. title of the newspaper appearing on the first page. The most traditional lead in a journalism article.A brief history of newspaper lingo. Some resorted to keyhole journalism,.Broadcasting Terms close-up Shot of the face of the subject that dominated the frame.See 2 authoritative translations of Journalist in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.IRE has its headquarters at the University of Missouri School of Journalism.

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A foreigner makes clear to our correspondent how hard it is to read English journalism, as opposed to plain English.Founded in 1994, Youth Journalism International is a Connecticut-based nonprofit with student reporters in more than 40 countries on six continents. It depends.

LEADS AND DEFINITIONS Lead The first paragraph or first several sentences of a newspaper story (sometimes spelled lede) Hard lead A lead that.

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Journalist definition, a person who practices the occupation or profession of journalism. See more.The best writing for popular journalism is some of the best writing in journalism,.

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Why is it that mass media outlets feature particular news stories prominently while others receive little, if any.News Topics. Religion. Newspaper Staff. R.G. Griffing, Editor-in-Chief.The part of a newspaper or magazine listing pertinent information to readers, such as ownership, publishers, editors, email addresses, etc.

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Broadcasting journalism involves relaying information to the public through other venues outside of newspapers.

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Journal 20 Inference Textual evidence Sequence Tone A conclusion based on the basis of evidence and reasoning.A collection of themed word lists: animals, flowers, colours, food.

A leading article in a newspaper or magazine that delivers timely news to its readers.

Size:Large (20x20) Difficulty:Hard (Add Diagonals) Words List newspaper muckraking muckraker censorship network convergence journalist journalism.

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JOURNALISTIC TERMS AND DEFINITIONS: absolute privilege The right of legislators,.Journalism Terms and Definitions. here we are with some very common and important terms in journalism that every journalism student or journalist must acquaint.The most frequently used words with pinyin and english definition.Top journalism hyponyms (narrower words for journalism) are wordsmith, Fleet Street and context.

Gutenberg Press Nellie Bly Telegraph Internet What printed the first Bible.

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Be able to define the following terms and apply them to print, broadcast, and web journalism. angle - The approach or focus of a story.The good people at have set up a journalism glossary wiki entitled Journalism and publishing terms - jargon buster.Introduction to Journalism Lesson Plan Lydia Whitehead of Plymouth Educational.

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