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It is true that at present life expectancy is increasing more than ever before.If this is true then how students should mature themselves in all kinds of essay topics and their in-depth questions without having any research.In workplace, for instance, the boss should always wear a business attire, including a suit and a tie.In other words, space of traffic is larger and therefore vehicles can flow more convenient and there is bigger number of means can be on road.A thesis statement is simply a statement which introduces your main points.In IELTS, the examiner knows what you plan to do, in fact the examiner knows what you MUST do.I recommend you look through the IELTS Cambridge books 1-9 and see all the types of essays that come in IELTS writing task 2 for yourself.People seem to no longer choose walking or cycling to for example commutting to work, and that leads to a situation where lack of any physical movement, which is considered as healty as it burns calories, cause serious health problems, like obesity or heart attacks.

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Finally, money from national budgets will need to be taken from other areas and spent on vital healthcare, accommodation and transport facilities for the rising numbers of older citizens.Increase of average life expectancy is now obvious in developed countries.but to sustain a health society with growing number of elderly people some reforms have to be made.In conclusion, having training in prison and also close observation when first time offenders are released are effective in dealing with the issue.I have confusion regarding wat is the difference betweeen giving a balanced view and discussion both the view essay.Although several actions have been taken to mitigate this problem, I believe that there are still some effective measures that could be taken to improve the situation.Traffic congestion is pressing problem for lots of cities but there are various measure to tackle or mitigate the effects of this issue.You never fail to help me and as well as those IELTS examinees that uses your model essays for their upcoming exams.

For writing task 2, you can follow the same marking criteria as the academic test.IELTS Writing Task 2: Problem Solution Essay with Sample Answer. An IELTS problem solution essay will usually ask for.With the advent of technology today new forms of educational set-ups are conceived.All in all, people should be aware more of the potential dangers of breaking the law and its critical consequences.

If you practise only one type, you are taking a great gamble on your test.Thank you very much for you effort and great job, your blog is very useful and helpful, I really appreciate it.

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Sample Answer IELTS Writing Task 2 about Problem Solution Essay 1 Explain some of the ways in which humans are damaging the environment.

I hope to continue working on this site and providing support for IELTS students next month.The rise in the number of car accidents has been almost the main issue of modern, industrialised countries.

Nowadays, people of this age tend to be healthy enough to continue a productive working life.Moreover, separating motor vehicles and allocating especial roads and paths to bicycles and motorcycles would be another preventative solution that ensures safer transports between different areas.For instance, if a person wants to settle in urban areas, they need to have a steady job for a companies based on cities in time at least 2 years.This is my first time of getting to site, ill say I stumble on it this night and its so helpful.I would be grateful if any body could check over my essay and inform me with my mistakes.The examiner will just put a line through it and discount it.

It can not be denied that studying English as the second language is an enduring and exhausting process.Secondly, repeat offending is also owing to the difficulty in finding employment after being released.We have talked a lot about Writing Task 2 argument essays and we have given you a lot of.Models also need to follow the recent fashion style in order to be seen by other people, by means of magazines and billboards.Please kindly explain, if you have time, at your earliest convenience.There are number of solutions which should be implement in order to avoid and decrease obesity in society.In my opinion, some measures should be taken to mitigate the impacts of ageing populations.

Personal stress is now a major problem in many countries around the world and it causes.

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IELTS writing task 2 - problem and solution essay

Nowadays, as a result of an increase in the life expectancy, an ever-increasing number of industrialized countries are facing aging populations.As a result,our social behavior is also affected.Generally,we tend to learn how to deal effectively with all demands imposed by our modern society,but at the same time,we become more selfish and judgemental.This means of education also demands concentration while the professor is lecturing and so it fosters better information absorption and digestion in the part of the learner.

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It goes without saying that an aging population causes grave problems for both individuals and societies all of which should be taken into account.In terms of TASK RESPONSE sufficiently addressed all parts of the task.

Or, the structure where in one body paragraph I disuss the problem and in the same one I give the relevant solution and in the next body paragraph the other problem and solution.This one way of obtaining diploma and certificate can be very helpful to some because they may not resign or take a lengthy leave from work and thus prevent themselves from generating income just to finish schooling.There is not a shadow of a doubt that there are numerous ways to address these problems.At present, more and more people become overweight and therefore their healt is at risk.It means partially agreeing with one side and explaining your specific view point.I really hope next year I can start making videos again and more lessons for vocab and topics.

Humans are responsible for a variety of environmental problems, but.Development and Technology Healthcare: Unlimited and available to all.Suggest some measures that could be taken to reduce the impact of ageing populations.How can we know when it is applicable to paraphrase the thesis statement for the conclusion.I am my my exams, academics to be precise on the 28th of this month but I still struggle with the writing module. is there anything you can do to help me out.