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H, Robinson, Kevin., Sell, Randal. L., Sember, Robert, Silenzio, V. M. B., et al. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender health: Findings and concerns.A study of transgender people over the age of 18 discovered that 32 percent had attempted suicide.Systematic marginalization contributes to high rates of suicide and HIV.Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: Transgender Introduction Transgender is a broad term that refers to individuals who do not conform to the.Basic definitions about gender identity, ways to be more welcoming and inclusive of transgender people in churches, and resources on gender identity.

This would explain why many transgender biological males know from a young age that they are not males (Swabb 307).A lot of people in the society refuse to accept the fact that being transgender is not a choice that someone makes but a product of biological flaw.It has been proved that transgenderism is not a choice but rather a biological occurrence that is beyond the control of the individual.

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Nepal legally recognized a third gender category beginning in 2007, but it took Shrestha and other activists and transgender citizens until 2015 to push for recognition on documents.Therefore, until this culture change happens, it is up to individuals to do the best they can to try to make a difference in the lives of the transgender individuals that they know.In advertently, this type of prejudice results in heightened rates of homelessness for transgender people as well as a host of other negative social outcomes associated with homelessness.It includes many statistics about the bullying and harassment of transgender youth, as well as the mental health and social condition of the youth.It is estimated that 1 in 30,000 people is transgender in the United States.

This is a four page paper that discusses gender identification and associations.Economic disenfranchisement due to pervasive discrimination has driven transgender individuals into poverty and homelessness.I will use this source to help fulfill my goal of explaining the problem that many transgender people face, as well as some of the solutions that we can put in place to help make their lives easier.They are as following: To inform my reader about the history of the transgender community, as well as give them knowledge regarding statistics and common terms that are used within the community.

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March 18, 2010 Essays on Transgender Transgender is an umbrella term used to refer to individuals whose expression of gender identity deviates from their.

Transgender is sometimes confused with being gay which is not the same thing.I will use this article to help explain the effects of many of the social problems that come from being a transgender person.Sex- The anatomical categorization of male or female that one is assigned to at birth.

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Consequently, the gender identity of the brain remains intact and feminine.Nonetheless, their functioning is determined by the many variables at play during the process fetal development.Furthermore, suicide rates are high for transgender individuals compared to the general public due social stressors and a lack of psychological and emotional support system.Check out this article to learn more or contact your system administrator.Before that time I worked in Chicago with an LGBTQ theatre company and specifically with an LGBTQ youth theatre that directly focused work on the experiences of LGBT youth - with a particular focus each year on the trans youth community.In Malaysia, state religious officials arrest trans people for the simple act of walking down the street wearing clothing deemed inappropriate to their assigned sex.