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In a legislative body, the party with more than half of the seats.A radio format featuring a host who interviews guests that is often very.A war fought within a single country between or among different groups of.The belief that the powers of church and state should be united in one.A grant-in-aid with few restrictions or rules about how it can be.

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A significant boost in presidential popularity when a foreign crisis.The practice of the federal government giving money to the states with no.A set of agreements, traditions, and norms built up over time that restricts.

Page i GAO-05-734SP Budget Glossary Contents Preface 1 Terms and Definitions 2 Appendixes Appendix I: Overview of the Development and Execution of the Federal Budget 102.In the government bureaucracy, an agency whose head reports directly to the.A large group of people who are linked by a similar culture, language, and.A message attached to a bill the president signs, explaining his or her.A federal rule-making process that includes those affected by the.

A part of the First Amendment that forbids government establishment of.A series of laws in the early twentieth century that were the first attempts to.A taxation system in which the rich must pay a higher percentage of their income.A file cabinet or file box containing a collection of pamphlets.A 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion during the first.A peaceful form of socialism that works within democratic governments to attain.

A term to describe federalism through most of the nineteenth century, where the.An economic situation in which the demand for something exceeds the.For comments on this page contact: Government Information Services, Access and Collections.

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Use this Canadian Government Terms Glossary to find definitions and information on terms used by the Canadian federal government and provincial and territory.Definitions and words you need to know including amendment, bill, cabinet, civil rights.A term used to describe federalism through most of the nineteenth century, in.A board that investigates charges of wrongdoing in the federal civil.

A voting law that stated that a person could vote if his grandfather was.The idea that journalists frequently copy and imitate each other rather than.Human-edited dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms.A policy used in some states with strong social democratic parties that forces.A taxation system in which everyone is charged the same rate, regardless of.A term to describe the overwhelming power of the two major parties in American.Used to create call numbers for most U.S. government documents received at the UIUC.

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A person whose opinion can shape the opinions of many others.

Government aid to poor people that is not given as cash but in forms such as.A system of law, originally from England, in which previous decisions guide.Announces statistical publications of state governments, associations.

A special type of veto that the president can use to strike the specific parts.An annual compendium of facts and statistics on a particular subject.United States Economic and Trade Policy in the Middle East In what could be the most serious effort to get the U.The powers reserved to the states and the people in the Tenth.

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A court opinion written by the losing side that explains why it disagrees with.Supreme Court decision in 1883 that said the Fourteenth Amendment only made.Dictionary Thesaurus Medical Dictionary Legal Dictionary Financial Dictionary Acronyms Idioms Encyclopedia Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

A library which receives the publications of a government or official.A judicial philosophy that believes the Constitution should be interpreted in.